Life insurance guarantees the protection of persons who are the responsibility of the insured person. It acts as a guarantee against a possible situation of economic need. The most common case is when the father or mother dies, the income of the family unit can be greatly reduced. Therefore, with life insurance risk the beneficiary will receive a benefit that will help him to move forward.

At UBICA we offer you death coverage accompanied by other coverage such as permanent disability, serious illness or dependency. All of them with the funds that the policyholder wishes to hire and that either the beneficiary will receive in the event of death, or if the insured person suffers an accident and is affected to carry out his usual activity.

About life insurance risk

Life insurance acts as a guarantee against a possible situation of economic need, in which the beneficiary will receive a benefit in the event of the death of the insured person. However, if the policy also provides for disability and dependency coverage, it is the insured person who receives the benefit in order to cope with their day-to-day situation.

There are different forms of life insurance, from taking out life insurance for the insured to a temporary one up to a maximum age. For the payment of the premium, there are also different options, such as paying a single premium or an annual premium that is usually increased as the age of the insured also increases. In the end, if the insured person dies, the beneficiary designated by the policyholder will receive all the capital he has contributed to the insurance.

In life insurance, the main coverage is death, but there is also the option to contract disability or dependency coverage. In the event of a total and permanent disability which incapacitates the insured person from his normal work, the company shall pay compensation to that insured person to enable him to cope with his day-to-day work.

In the event of dependency, the insurance company will pay the compensation if the insured person is left in a situation that cannot be taken care of by himself and depends on another person to perform the most elementary everyday acts.

There is a very interesting option for groups and groups, risk life insurance can bring together several insured persons in a single policy, which is contracted by a natural or legal person on the head of the different insured persons, grouped by some employment relationship, professional or otherwise. This facilitates administrative and payment procedures.

Death cover

It’s the primary life insurance coverage. The insurance company, by collecting the agreed premium and within the terms of the contract, undertakes to pay the beneficiary -chosen by the policyholder- a capital in the event of the death of the policyholder.

Any cause of death, whether accident, illness or otherwise, is covered. If the insured person dies within the contractual period, the beneficiary will collect the contracted capital.

Risk life insurance is a guarantee against a situation of economic need, in which the beneficiary will receive money if the insured person dies. Thus, with this coverage, the policyholder and/or policyholder ensures that the beneficiary maintains the same standard of living for as long as possible if he dies.

Disability coverage

Absolute or partial permanent disability by accident, the insured shall be covered if he is affected by an invalidity as a direct result of an accident covered by the policy. The insurance company shall pay the compensation according to its degree of disability and according to the agreed table and definitions.

Permanent absolute invalidity for the purposes of accident insurance means the total anatomical or functional loss suffered by the insured in both arms, both hands, both legs, both feet, or an upper and lower limb at the same time, mental alienation that does not allow you to do any work, total paralysis, absolute blindness, complete deafness and irreversible loss of speech ability.

In partial disability, each insurance company has its own scale with the different grades determined in percentage and in function of anatomical or functional loss.

Severe disease coverage

With the contracting of the serious illness coverage, the insurance company undertakes to pay the capital contracted in the policy in the event that the insured is diagnosed with one of the specific diseases indicated in the insurance contract.

With this coverage, the insured person is able to cover the costs of cure incurred as a result of the diseases covered. The payment of this benefit does not imply the cancellation of any of the other guarantees covered by the insurance.