Death insurance guarantees the insured the coverage of expenses and formalities necessary for the service of burial or burial, as well as the costs of transporting the body from any place in the world.

At UBICA we have good packages of basic and other optional coverage offered by the main insurance companies in the market to insure any type of home. With home insurance we will protect the material property of the house, the personal belongings of the occupants and the damage that the children or any person living in the building may cause to a third party.

About death insurance

Death insurance or death insurance, popularly known, is a provision of services to ensure the burial of the deceased insured. It’s life insurance, so whoever hires him knows that when he dies, whenever, the burial expenses will be covered by the capital he has contracted.

Home insurance must cover material damage to the home, such as damage caused by water, broken glass, damage caused by fire, explosion or damage caused by atmospheric events; also damage caused by electrical short circuits, of various breakdowns or thefts.

Other claims that must also be covered are those of civil liability arising from damage or injury that may be caused to other persons or their property from the insured person’s home, such as falling objects from windows or balconies, leave a tap open that floods a lower floor, etc. Then the civil liability covers the reparations and compensation that the insured has to pay to other people for the damages caused to them.

In addition, civil liability also covers such accidents caused by insured persons outside the home. If you have a bicycle collision and cause injury to a pedestrian, the insurance will cover that damage. Or if the pet that lives in the home causes any damage, it will also be covered.

To make a detailed budget tailored to your needs, it is best to go to an insurance broker, such as RSM. Our obligation is to provide you with a comparison of several offers with the advantages and disadvantages in each case.

The main basic coverages:

  • Management and funeral expenses: provision of funeral service with the limit of the insured capital. It can be borrowed by a funeral company arranged with the insurer, or one chosen by the family.
  • National and international transfer: the insurer takes care of the transfer of the body to the place decided by the family. If you are a foreigner, you can contract repatriation coverage.
  • Legal medical expenses: when the amount of the funeral service provided is higher because of the medical-legal expenses that arise in the cases that require judicial intervention, the insurance company will take care of the excess of the cost that occurs.
  • Management services: management and advice regarding the procedures to be carried out in the event of death.
  • Digital End-of-Life Management: Some companies offer to delete the presence of the deceased insured on social networks and the internet.

*Basic coverage may vary depending on the insurance company.

Some of the optional coverages:

  • Travel assistance
  • Second medical opinion and medical guidance
  • Access to medical and dental services at franchised rates
  • Accident supplementary insurance with guarantees of death and disability
  • Daily allowance for hospitalization