Legal Defense Insurance is a type of insurance that protects the insured customer from any situation that requires legal advice or protection against damage claims, criminal defense or legal guidance. Legal expenses, fees, court costs, notaries and even bail in criminal proceedings are normally covered.

The Legal Defence Insurance covers both the defence of the insured for a claim received, and when the insured person himself initiates legal proceedings against a third party. This insurance protects the interests of the insured against incidents that affect his person, his property or his interests. It can preserve the interests of a person and his or her family, as well as of a company or industry.

About legal defence insurance

Legal Defense insurance is based on the service that the insurance company gives to its insured covering the costs of lawyers in the event of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

It is easy to imagine situations in which a person needs legal services to resolve any problems through judicial or administrative channels. This insurance is characterized by a very special attention of the legislator in order to protect at all times the insured in the defence of their interests.

The insurer shall advise and bear the costs of the insured person’s defence in defence and defence proceedings against public bodies, without assuming the payment of fines and penalties. In no case shall the payment of fines and compensation be covered for any expenditure incurred as a result of sanctions imposed on the insured person by the administrative or judicial authorities.

The insured person shall always be free to choose a lawyer and procurator to represent and defend him or her in any kind of proceedings, without the company’s professionals. In this case, there will be an economic limit set in the policy contract. Thus, the insured person may choose to maintain the legal direction of the company or to entrust his defence to a lawyer of his confidence.

The Legal Defense is an insurance independent of the rest, although usually we can also find it incorporated as additional coverage in multi-risk home insurance, auto insurance, and in many others. .

The main basic coverages:

  • Telephone legal aid
  • Review and preparation of documents and contracts
  • Criminal defense
  • Extension of criminal defence to employees
  • Bail
  • Defence of Civil Liability
  • Claim for personal injury
  • Expertise
  • Local events (neighbourhood, noise, ...)
  • Contracts related to services, supplies,...
  • Defence of the employer before the Labour Inspectorate
  • Defence of the employer in employment contracts
  • Special benefits for self-employed persons
  • Out-of-court claim for unpaid invoices
  • And other coverings

*Basic coverage may vary depending on the insurance company.