Companies grow, change with the market, assume new risks and need at all times updated solutions, personalized service, access to the insurance market, because each company has a different need.

Ubica offers you a comprehensive approach to managing your risks through insurance mediation and claims management tailored to your needs.

From an SME to an international program, our consultants have extensive experience in various sectors of activity, as a result of the trust that more than 1,000 companies have placed in our organization.

Ubica advises you to obtain "turnkey" insurance programs adapted to the characteristics of your company and the complexity of your activity, arriving in cases of very complex or personalized operations to participate in the design of the policy.

A secured company buys a filiar of the same size with presence in the United States and Latin America. Within one year, an international programme has been put in place that has made it possible to unify conditions, increase coverage, properly manage risks in accordance with its policy and significantly reduce premium costs.

In the 90s, our company suffered a total disaster on the whole of the facilities. Working together with our experts, we were able to establish in a minimum time the value of the compensation , and liquidated the client. The company has now become the European leader in its sector.

One of the largest sector associations in our country contacted our brokerages to jointly design a civil liability policy that is tailored specifically to your needs. Our work focused on the design, negotiation with companies and implementation of the project. There is currently no competition on the market for premiums and guarantees.


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