Accident insurance is one of the most widely contracted sectors. It is one of the most widespread and insured insurance companies. Its function is to protect people from countless activities, places, events,...

Each insurance company has its own cataloguing and contracting policy. They may coincide between companies but it is up to them to decide which to apply in each case. From ERSM Insurance Brokers, we provide you with all accident insurance information that best suits your work and personal characteristics.

About accident insurance

Accident insurance is focused on the natural person and provides coverage for the physical integrity of the insured person. Its objective is to provide coverage for bodily injuries resulting from a violent, unintentional cause and resulting in temporary, permanent or even death incapacity on the insured person.

The benefit is pecuniary and is payable to the insured in the event of incapacity and to the beneficiaries in the event of death. In addition, the provision of health care may be included in the case of injuries requiring the intervention of a doctor. It also covers hospitalization, treatment, as well as rehabilitation sessions necessary to recover the health of the insured person.

Individual accident insurance is taken out by a person on a voluntary basis to cover his or her family, or a person listed as a beneficiary, and himself or herself for an unforeseen accident which may affect him or her as a result of disability or death. The insured person may take out accident insurance to cover a specific risk, such as the development of his professional activity, or general coverage either in his professional or private life.

The main coverage of accident insurance is the payment of compensation for death or disability, as well as the payment of a monthly rent if the insured person is invalid and unable to exercise normally. The payment of a daily fee, up to the limit set in the hospital contract, is also usually envisaged.

The main coverages are:


  • Accidental death
  • Death from myocardial infarction or stroke
  • Death by road traffic accident


  • Permanent invalidity by scale
  • Severe disability
  • Heart attack or stroke disability
  • Invalidity due to a traffic accident


  • Compensation for dependent children
  • Daily allowance for hospitalization
  • Expenditure on housing reform in the event of permanent disability due to accident
  • Psychological assistance
  • Surgical expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Temporary disability
  • Travel assistance

*Basic coverage may vary depending on the insurance company.