If you want your pet you should have insurance that protects you from any accident or disease. The pet insurance is mainly aimed at domestic dogs and cats, which will cover veterinary expenses, incidents caused to other people and, in addition, will have the appropriate professional advice to their needs. With this insurance, the owner manages to protect his pet and can be calm because in any eventuality the dog or cat will be well taken care of.

At UBICA we will advise you with the most appropriate insurance according to the type of pet. With advice of the necessary coverages and that better protect the pet. Mainly, the Civil Responsibility -as it may happen to a third party- and the direct care of the animal -veterinary services- are the most outstanding coverages to hire.

About pet insurance

Pet insurance looks like the insurance we hire to cover people. For example, it would be the case with health insurance where we want to receive medical care in the event of illness or accident. Well, pet insurance is a lot like our health insurance.

This type of policy protects animals from an incident in their physical condition that helps avoid the costs they may have at the veterinarian. But, at the same time, they can cover the Civil Liability of the owner in the event of an accident with third parties.

The hiring of pet insurance is not mandatory for all animals, and only potentially dangerous dogs have to have, by law, insurance that covers their Civil Liability. At Ubica we recommend hiring them, regardless of the animal, in order to provide the pet with a healthy lifestyle and the property of the owner is protected if there is any claim for damage that may cause.

Without this insurance, pet costs can be very high, which will mean that some households cannot properly protect animals. Pet insurance is the best option to supplement household insurance. Household Liability covers incidents that the pet may have caused to a third party. But for little more money, pet insurance will complete the protection in RC and give you excellent veterinary assistance.

The main basic coverages:

  • Veterinary assistance that guarantees a complete care of the pet, including consultation expenses, diagnostic tests, laboratory analysis, surgical interventions, hospitalization and expenses of veterinary care at home.
  • Civil liability in case you cause damage to third parties
  • Accidental death
  • Theft of the pet
  • I lose in case he gets lost. Some insurance companies help in the search of the animal with the necessary advertising and localization expenses.
  • Sacrifice of the pet
  • 24h phone assistance to resolve any questions about your health
  • And other coverings

*Basic coverage may vary depending on the insurance company.

Some of the optional coverages:

  • Selection of the veterinary centre of the Medical Staff.
  • Possibility of access to freely chosen centres with the corresponding reimbursement of expenses, according to the limits established in the policy
  • Stay in a residence due to an operation or illness
  • Funeral expenses
  • Incineration costs
  • And other coverings