Travel insurance is a guarantee of peace of mind for those who need to go away from home and want to be well protected. This is an assistance insurance that covers many aspects that can arise when you least expect them. For example, healthcare in a foreign country, loss of luggage, delay in departure, or the costs of cancelling the trip.

If what you are looking for is a travel insurance that you can tailor and that covers you during your leisure days or holidays in Spain or abroad, this is your insurance. You just worry about enjoying yourself and we’ll take care of the rest. We will advise you on each of the coverages according to the characteristics of the trip, customizing the insurance and making it tailored for much less than you think.

About travel insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance for assistance to persons in difficulty during travel or absences in their place of habitual residence. It is very useful for those who travel for leisure to countries far from their country and want to have a security in case something unexpected happens.

Travel insurance has an important variety of coverage and performance limits that can be different from one company to another. That is why it is always important for the customer to seek good advice from insurance brokerages.

Those who have ever travelled know that the risk of unforeseen events is high when they go away from home. For this reason, before a flight cancellation, loss of suitcases, illness before starting the trip or when it has already begun,... it is very important to have insurance that guarantees the tranquility of the traveler.

This insurance is very flexible and can be contracted to suit the customer. The duration of the trip will determine the duration of the policy, but the insured can extend it for longer depending on their needs. In addition, the coverage is very varied, decided by the insured according to their needs and characteristics of the trip.

The main basic coverages:

    • Medical expenses abroad and Spain
    • Dental expenses
    • Extended stay in hotel due to illness or accident
    • Health transfer of sick and injured persons
    • Early return of accompanying Insured persons
    • Return of a companion and return to the travel plan
    • Cost of a person’s stay to accompany the Insured person in hospital
    • Return of the Insured in the event of the death of a family member
    • Return by hospitalization of a family member
    • Early return of the Insured in the event of a serious accident at the Habitual Residence
    • Transport of mortal remains
    • Loss or theft of passport during travel abroad
    • Loss, damage and theft of luggage
    • Delay of travel and luggage
    • Loss Connection of Flights
    • Costs of cancellation of travel not started
    • Custody in case of burglary or fire in the house
    • Civil liability
    • Accident insurance
    • Payment of legal aid costs incurred abroad
    • And other coverings

*Basic coverage may vary depending on the insurance company.