Boat Insurance is a product designed and designed to give flexible and personalized responses to the most varied and demanding demands that owners and users of pleasure boats may have.

If you have a boat do not hesitate to sail insurance with a policy that covers you as Travel Assistance, Theft or Legal Defense, among others. At ERSM Insurance Brokers we will advise you with the most appropriate insurance according to your boat.

About Boat Insurance

Since 1999, the Spanish Administration has regulated the obligation to take out compulsory insurance for all owners of boats over 6 metres in length, any motor-powered boat, jet skis, .... As long as they sail through Spanish waters.

Such insurance must have minimum guarantees of Civil Liability towards third parties. The receipt must be carried on board the vessel, paid for and explicitly specifying: the insurer, the period of validity, the identification of the vessel and the indication that it is at least a compulsory insurance.

As we say, all Spanish motor boats or more than 6 meters in length must be insured, but the same applies to ships that sail through Spanish waters if they have the country as a port of entry or departure.

Apart from the compulsory motor boat insurance, there are other optional coverage that may be of interest to the ship owner. These guarantees can range from protecting the personal effects that are on the boat, to extend the mandatory RC, and receive nautical assistance in case of any navigational problem.

Compulsory insurance coverage is as follows:

The Civil Liability derived from the material and personal damages will be covered in addition to the damages that are caused to third parties, to the port or to the marine installations. The compulsory policy covers liability to third parties of both the shipowner and the owner or those who drive the vessel with their consent.

The compulsory insurance guarantees for boats are:

  • Death and bodily injury to others.
  • Material damage to third parties caused by the vessel.
  • Economic losses of third parties as a result of material and personal damage.
  • Damage to ships by collision.
  • Legal Defense with the payment of judicial and extrajudicial costs for the defense of the insured.

Coverage of voluntary insurance:

Based on mandatory insurance, the boat owner can hire other optional coverage to feel safer sailing. Thus, the policy holder can extend the scope and limits of the coverage including guarantees such as:

  • Damage to the vessel with cover due to total loss, theft or partial damage to the vessel itself.
  • Travel assistance It covers the assistance of passengers and staff of the ship as well as for the boat itself.
  • Personal accidents of occupants covered by death, invalidity or medical expenses for an accident on board, both for passengers and for the master of the ship.
  • Loss of occupants' personal belongings.