Many companies already operate on the Internet. They can have the databases, equipment and machinery connected online. In recent years, the risks of the Internet have appeared, which can cause a significant loss of information and economic for which type of company. Faced with this, Cyber Risk insurance covers the company from an attack via the Internet and the consequences that arise from it.

The ease with which cybercrime is committed and its profitability continues to grow, especially at a time when organizations are continually making changes to operate in a more digital and interconnected world. With the insurance of Ciber Riesgo you will have coverage before third party claims, computer fraud and loss of profits, as well as services to restore your computer system and the reputation of the company.

About Ciber Risk

The threat posed by cyber risks is now as tangible as physical threats to a company’s assets and increasingly faces electronic information, whether on mobile devices, computers, servers or online. Cyber risks are evolving and becoming increasingly complex, such as the technology and sophistication of criminals, which increases the likelihood of a data breach in any company’s computer systems.

Cyber Risk insurance can provide you with financial protection against the costs of a computer-based information breach attack or system disruption, as well as providing access to industry experts able to monitor and manage the situation. If you suffer an attack, you will receive the services of industry professionals to analyze the situation and seek control of the attack. It will identify what has been affected, how its effects can be limited, or how to repair or restore systems by helping you get them back on track.

In addition, you will have access to Public Relations professionals who will offer you legal answers and advice to limit the reputational damage of your brand and business. As well as a team of lawyers and specialists in extortion cases that may be caused by the attackers.

Cyber Risk insurance provides insurance coverage, tools and continuous access to emerging best practices - all with the guarantee of the best insurance companies with a long history in this insurance product - and which are indispensable to be able to assess and mitigate the potential vulnerabilities of the customers in the event of attacks on sensitive information, computer hacking, employee error and so on.

The main coverages are:

  • Third party claims resulting from a failure in the security of the insured’s network or a failure in the protection of information. Insurance also responds to regulatory actions related to a security breach, privacy breach or errors in reporting a security breach or privacy violations.
  • The direct own costs of responding to a security failure or privacy breach by paying the costs of notifications, public relations services and other assistance services in the management and mitigation of a cyber incident. The costs of expert investigations, legal consultations and identity checks for victims of an attack are also covered.
  • Loss of profits caused by a network security failure by reimbursing the loss of revenue and the resulting operating costs.
  • Threats against the computer network of a company and confidential information made by an outsider in an attempt to blackmail, demanding money, securities or other valuables. Coverage includes the money spent to end the threat and the cost of investigating the cause of the threat.
  • Coverage includes the money spent to end the threat and the cost of investigating the cause of the threat. Coverage is provided for various media-related risks such as copyright or trademark infringement, defamation, and invasion of privacy.

Other types of coverage:

  • Legal Services
  • Data recovery
  • Identity and Credit Control Services
  • Image restoration
  • Data protection obligations
  • Liability for Use and Processing of Information
  • And other coverings

Some of the optional coverages:

  • Appliance repair
  • Damage to the garden
  • Jewelry
  • Excess consumption of water
  • Leaks
  • Online will
  • Robbery up to 2,600 euros
  • Any risk
  • And other coverings