The Ten-year insurance is an insurance that are required to have newly built buildings that are to be intended mainly for housing. It consists of a guarantee against material damage affecting the structural elements thereof, provided that it is caused by defects or defects. With the Ten-year insurance, the aim is to protect the owners who purchase a new home.

At UBICA we offer you the basic coverage of stability and guarantees of finishes and habitability. In addition, you can extend the policy with waterproofing of roofs and facades, sealing of basements, stability of non-sporting facades, and pre-existing goods. We advise you at all times and find the policy that best suits your needs.

About Ten-year insurance

Ten-year insurance is a direct damage insurance for new construction, which facilitates quick compensation regardless of who is responsible for the damage. New construction or rehabilitation works applying for a building permit for housing, they must take out this insurance covering compensation for material damage caused to the building by defects or defects in the structure which may endanger the stability of the building.

The Building Development Act (LOE) regulates construction processes, with the rights and obligations of developers, builders and buyers of dwellings. The Ten-Year Insurance is included in the Law as a compulsory contract for housing to be marketed, with the intention of protecting the final consumer. You have an obligation to take out Decenal insurance, the developer or the builder to protect the person who buys that home. Thus, the insured will be the owner of that dwelling.

The insurance takes effect at the time the work is completed and covers the following 10 years. The Ten-year warranty covers material damage caused by defects or defects affecting the foundation, support, beams, slabs, load walls or other structural elements affecting the mechanical strength and stability of the building.

One of the requirements that the LOE incorporates is that to be able to register a new work in the Property Registry, it is mandatory that the validity of the ten-year policy is proven, by presenting it and its final receipt issued at the end of the work. Ten-year insurance therefore provides a guarantee for the security of the owner who buys the property in question.

The main basic coverages:

  • Guarantee of the whole of the building (foundations, structure, exterior enclosures, secondary works, equipment, installations, etc.) for damage due to material defects, design or execution errors, which originate from or affect the fundamental works and which compromise the stability of the building.
  • The demolition and/or clearance costs necessary in the event of a claim under the policy.

*Basic coverage may vary depending on the insurance company.

Some of the optional coverages:

  • Appliance repair
  • Damage to the garden
  • Jewelry
  • Excess consumption of water
  • Leaks
  • Online will
  • Robbery up to 2,600 euros
  • Any risk
  • And other coverings