Secure what’s most important for yourself and your family. It is your and theirs health, your wealth, yours and your family’s tranquillity and future.

In Ubica, we take very seriously our customer’s businesses, but also our customers and their families too by offering a personalized private service with the highest levels of standards recognized in the industry:

  • Personal Insurance Department – we analyse continuously the insurance products that match your current and future needs. Our experts are continuously being trained on the insurance market products and trends. Over 90% of insurance companies proactively engage with Ubica to help our customers.
  • Claims department – defend the interests of our clients.

The secret of the highest quality levels is based on the common trust, a 3 way partnership between our customers, Ubica and the insurance company. The result is a truly win-win, high customer satisfaction scores, fast insurance and coverage settlement, accelerated compensation payments and highest standards on communication and best in class processes.





hogar coche salud jubilacion
Protect your home,your house,
your possessions against
unexpected events (flood, fire….)
Get in less than 2 minutes an
exclusive offer from the top 10
insurance companies.
Get in less than 2 minutes an
exclusive offer from the top 10
insurance companies
Secure your retirement with
tranquillity and the best profitability.