UBICA brand is born, previously known as Uniteco S.A. Uniteco S.A and Uniteco Profesional agree that now onwards Uniteco Profesional will own the brand Uniteco. By this agreement any confusion generated by the similarity of the name of both brokerages is solved.
RSM of the major Spanish brokerages, becomes shareholder of Uniteco.
Uniteco release a new step by introducing a new management program that brings the offers to their customers.
There is a common agreement between the founders of Uniteco to split the company. Four by partners return to the cooperative spirit and build Bureau Brokers Correduría de Seguros and Uniteco SA starts a new stage chaired by Severino Martín.
Is nominated as the single Corredor de Seguros for the Spanish Federation of large families. As a result a call center is launched to provide the exclusive services to this customer.
Uniteco SA and Uniteco Profesional become independent, but always maintaining a spirit of respect and cooperation.
The previous process is finished and it becomes Uniteco SA and the 6 partners of Uniteco SA become shareholders of the new company. Uniteco Profesional is created as medical division.
The formulation of Uniteco as “Sociedad Anónima” Ltd Co. starts.
A group of senior insurance experts coming from the most prestigious firms in Spain decide to start-up an Insurance Brokerage bringing together the in depth knowledge of the industry and the insurance market.
The founders of the future Uniteco start their careers in the insurance industry.