Markets and companies are in continuous evolution and as a result there are new risk and challenges. Additionally the insurance companies and the brokers are responsible for not only addressing today’ customer needs but also anticipate to their needs by innovative solutions customized to the customer needs.

Ubica offers a comprehensive approach to managing their risks through Insurance mediation, brokerage, consulting services, customer care, program management, claim management, settlement ….a comprehensive end to end service offering.

From small medium enterprises to multinationals, over 1000 customers rely on Ubica across multiple sectors and industries.

Part of Ubica’s value proposition is to adapt to the customer needs offering a variety of approaches.
From All-in-One programs encompassing the differ needs into a single product, or customer engaged models were the customers are deeply involved on each a every aspect of the policy itself. In any case it is supported by dedicated teams with intimate knowledge of the sectors, streamlined processes and best in class IT systems.


Some recent examples of Ubica’s services

  • International Program
    International Program
  • Total Loss
    Total Loss
  • Taylored Sector Collective Policies
    Taylored Sector Collective Policies
International program management
A multinational Spanish company contracted Ubica to lead and define the risk & insurance aspects of a major acquisition. Due to the magnitude of the deal (a similar size company in USA and LATAM) strong program management skills and subject matter expertise across multiple geographies was required (+10 countries). The scope of work consisted on unifying the conditions, increase and adequate the coverage, identifying and managing the risk according to new enterprise set up and last but not least significantly reduce the costs leveraging synergies and economies of scale via a control tower management approach.
In the mid 90’s, one of our customers a Spanish company, suffered a complete loss of all its facilities in Spain. On behalf of the customer Ubica leveraged the long lasting relationships with the different companies and its deep expertise both on the sector and the insurance sector to determine and agree on the compensation value and expedited the payment. This unfortunate event, properly managed was not a showstopper to the growth of the company and today is the sector leader in Europe.
One of the largest trade associations in our country contacted our brokers to jointly design a liability policy tailored to their needs. Ubica led the design of the solution, negotiate with the insurance companies and led end to end the solution roll out.